Bitten by the bug

IMG_0456 (2)Maybe you have heard me play songs and sing my guts out at some point.  I’ve been doing this a long time now in lots of different ways.  Some small, some large, some itty-bitty.

What’s new is I’ve been bitten (again) by the performance bug, and this time, I’ve got a bad case of it.  I’ve been playing with this super fun rock/blues/soul band called “Kettlestrings”.  A woman couldn’t find a better group of guys to sing and play with, that’s for sure.  They are friends for life.  Come to one of our Kettlestrings shows to hear the full band.

I’ve also been playing gigs at senior facilities.  Now, back when I was a young singer-songwriter in the city I would have looked at this kind of venue as being sub-par, but the reality is, these folks LOVE the music I play for them and get so much joy out of the experience, that I cannot help but bring it to them. As a music therapist professionally, I play mostly for individuals or small groups.  Adding concerts to my list of offerings is my way of sharing with a bit wider audience.  (People kept asking me when I was going to come and play for the rest of the folks – now I can!) It is my honor to bring beautiful songs, and spark some memories for our wise old ones.  It is truly magical and I learn new songs every time I visit.

I’ve played some wonderful house concerts over the last few years, where I’ve shared songs that we know and love from the masters – James Taylor, The Eagles, Nora Jones, Otis Redding, – mixed in with some more modern masters – Sarah McLaughlin, Sarah Barielles, Lake Street Dive, Jane Siberry, Sam Baker – and have fallen in love with these songs over and over again.  I’ve put them into a couple of sets of cover tunes worth hearing again and again – I think you will find them a nice visit of memory lane.

I’m also reconnecting with old music friends and playing some new originals at open mic nights, exploring the city and burbs, the nooks and crannies.  Certainly the digital online terrain is vast and expansive — there is so much music to consume and explore right at our fingertips.

Speaking of which, check out my EP “Hidden” that I quietly released back in 2017.  They are recordings with a younger woman’s voice, but feel like old friends that I continue to enjoy visiting. If you are on Spotify, or AppleMusic or AmazonMusic, “follow” me there and stick my tunes in your favorite playlists.  Every little bit helps of course.

For up to date info, by all means jump on Facebook too. We try to keep you aware of events there on the Kettlestrings and VictoriaStormMusic pages.

Yep, I’ve got the bug.  Come help me enjoy it.

Published by Victoria

Singer/songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player, educator, community music therapist.

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