Victoria Storm’s songs are an introspective commentary on the classic themes of the joys and struggles of relationships, loss and success, resentment and release.

When arranged for trio, the songs are often explored acoustically through guitar, cello, violin and women’s voices. Sometimes there’s bass or ukulele or melodica. But you will always find good melodies and heartfelt sentiments.

Storm’s 2017 EP release “Hidden,” showcases some of those tunes and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other streaming platforms.

Her trio includes multi-instrumentalist and singer Katie Bender, who spends her time with The Herbal Remedies, and other local ensembles. On bass and cello is Don Kovach, who spends his days (often five in one week) telling bad dad jokes to middle school orchestra students.

When playing with her 5-piece rock/blues/folk band Kettlestrings, the songs take on a different energy and life. You can hear the tunes and Kettlestrings’ cover songs at their live shows in the Chicago area.

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