Songs of Healing


Join us for our inaugural edition of the Songs of Healing podcast. We are super pumped for this new endeavor and we’d like to make sure you are the first to know of it. Join the mailing list (click the Get In Touch box below) and you’ll get the inside scoop.

COMING this summer, 2020!

Victoria Storm

Podcast Creator and Host

As a singer/songwriter, speaker, and board certified music therapist, the power of music in healing has been a major interest for Victoria for many years. She is the Director of Oak Park Music Therapy, community music therapist, voice and creative partner in the band Kettlestrings, plays solo house concerts and “Caring Concerts” for sensitive audiences in healthcare settings. Victoria is excited to share her insights as host of the podcast “Songs of Healing”.

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Don Kovach

Technical Director and Co-Host

With an extensive background in music, music education, podcasting and website design, Don Kovach is jumping in to make this podcast a reality. More to come from this guy!

Special Guests

Keepers of incredible minds

We have in store for you a slew of fascinating people who have traversed the intersection of song and healing. Songwriters, music therapists, insightful listeners, and others. We are honored to hear and hold their stories.

If you have a story, a tool, a moment of transformation that you’ve experience through music, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know a little bit about your story or songs at the address below.

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